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Vickers Ruwolt was a Division of Vickers Australia Ltd., was a company incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory and was listed on major stock exchanges. It was over one-third owned by the Australian public and employed about 4,000 people around Australia.

The company had its orgins in a small engineering business established in 1902 by a young engineer called "Chas" Charles Ruwolt in Wangaratta, Victoria. In those days there was a need for windmills and farm machinary as well as the maintenance and repair of dredges operating in the alluvial gold fields of northeast Victoria.

Victoria Street, Richmond sold in late 80's for $ 33 million for redevelopment. Initial planning, design and development approval for the redevelopment of the 7.5 hectare industrial site previously used as the Vickers Ruwolt factory. The proposed development includes 50 medium density dwellings, a high technology office park providing 67,000 square metres of office space, 3,000 square metres of retailing and a 100 room hotel.

Victoria Gardens
Digital Photography by Jeff Stewart

(Above) Todays view of what was once the site of Vicker Ruwolt, now a new suburb known as Victoria Gardens where IKEA Richmond has open the largest furnishing centre in the
southern hemisphere.

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