SonicWALL TZ 170 SP Wireless Network 4x Port Router | Firewall


SonicWall has been successfully delivering several technological boons in the world of internet security appliances. If you are looking for a cost-effective internet security solution for a home or small business network, then the SonicWALL TZ 170 SP series make a perfect choice.

Well, there are hundreds of reasons for why one should opt for a SonicWALL network firewall. It is the ultimate gatewa, anti-spam and VPN at the same time. This a great way learn about networking without you spending a forture, knowledge is easy to carry around.

Includes:- Power Supply
3M Cat5 Cable
1x External Antenna Dipole
RP-TNC extention cable
Manual in pdf format

Default IP:
Default Password: password Default Username: admin

The SonicWALL TZ170-SPW is an End-of-Life product now, Latest BIOS is available on request. The device for sale have been flashed with the latest fireware version. Support is hard to get now, so I have provided the following information:-

SonicWALL-TZW Reset Procedure

SonicWALL-TZ 170SPW Guide


To go wireless or not has been question ask a lot. Well my preference has been for a long while not to bother greatly with it.

Security has always been the main thing stopping me, although it has improved in the latest router. A few weeks ago it got the better of me and I lashed out a whole $75 for the Netgear WGR614 wireless router.

The installation was different from what I was use to, it was very easy process as long as you followed the on screen instructions to the T.

Once installed it was easy to configure via a browser, 1st setting the defaults to your only settings and changing wireless security with your key words.

Overall the device is easy to use, but I find you have cycle the unit all the time as it losses the wireless connection.


Window 8 Start screen Metro Tiles
USED - SonicWALL TZ 170 SP Wireless Network 4x Port Router | Firewall for $35 + $15 P+H

Window 8 Start screen Metro Apps
Rear view SonicWALL TZ170-SPW

Window 8 Start screen
Top view SonicWALL TZ170-SPW

Window 8 Start screen
External Antenna Dipole